"My experience at the Hypnotherapy Hut was really very positive. Emerald is a great hypnotherapist. My hypnotherapy sessions were so relaxing and helpful. Using the Audio link helped me to fall asleep at night, learning how the brain works and the power of positive interactions have been enormously helpful to me and to my partner and friends when I have shared my new knowledge and skills with them. Thank you Emerald. X"
Jackie Vicars
"I started solution focused hypnotherapy with Emerald in March 2022, I was overwhelmed with anxiety as a reaction to stress due to a change in family circumstances and couldn't see beyond, I just wanted to get back to feeling normal and being able to wake up without feeling anxious or dreading what might happen. Within a short period of time, Emerald was able to explain why my "primitive brain " was overriding my "intelligent brain " and how hypnotherapy could help correct this and within a few weeks I was feeling so much better and back in control, the hypnotherapy has really helped me and I am so grateful to be back on track. I would highly recommend Emerald as a therapist, she is very professional and so supportive and encouraging. I'm looking forward to the future, not dreading it, thank you Emerald."
Hannah Smith
"Emerald has changed my life! I was petrified of flying, I never spoke of my up coming holidays as I did not want to think about the flight, it ruined my ehole holiday. I knew if I wanted to see the world then I needed to make some changes. Since having g hypnotherapy my life has changed, I'm more positive about life, I'm happy and now I can't stop talking g about my holiday. I looked forward to the flights and now it's part of my exciting adventures. I never thought I would ever say and think like this but thank you to emerald my life has truly changed for the better. I am going Barbados in march...9 hours flight....the most I was ever willing to do was 2 hours and that was traumatic. Now I can't wait and can look forward to it like all my family does. I can join in the happy conversations about our trip without feeling pure panic and fear. I whole heartedly recommend going g to the hypnotherapy hut. It will change your life for the better. Thank you emerald!!"
Louise Poppleton-Fisher
"I tried to quit smoking for so long and using so many different things, but nothing worked (long term). I did some research and found Emerald close by in Halifax. The appointment was made quickly and easy. I was so sceptical but it has been 74 days, 7 hours and 35 minutes and I've not touched a sigaret. I had no withdrawal symptoms nor the urge to smoke since!! I'm able to excersise again and feel in control of my life!! Thank you Emerald!! I wouldn't have been able to do this without you ❤️😊"
Angela Heuts
"So pleased that my hubby found Emerald Brook on line and thought it would be good for me to try hypnotherapy. My long covid symptoms were causing terrible, uncontrollable panic attacks. After 5 weeks with Emeralds help and guidance, I was able to say that I felt more like myself. I have my confidence back and find it easier to control negative situations. Thank you Emerald.!"
Cherry Smuk
"Working with Emerald over the past few months has really helped me become more confident in life with issues that I've had. Emerald is a lovely person and I've really enjoyed working with her. I would definitely recommend her to work with, and i would definitely go back to her."
Corinne Vallance
"I can't thank Emerald enough for the help and support she has given me. When I first started seeing her, I was at a particularly low ebb, felt overwhelmed by work stress and had little self-belief. Within a few months, she had me looking at life and myself in a very different way. Quite incredibly, after being in the same job for 30 years, she gave me the inspiration and confidence to look for something else. I'm now in the second week of my new job and feeling so happy and positive!"
Joanne O'Dwyer
"Absolutely thrilled with my progress after completing a course of Hypnotherapy sessions with Emerald. Having the knowledge and the tools in place to get through life's difficult challenges and long ingrained fears has been so beneficial to me, its really made such a positive impact on my life. Could not recommend it more. Thank you Emerald."
Melissa Clement
"Emerald is wonderful! She is everything you would want in a Hypnotherapist. I was a little dubious at first as to whether it would work but now only 2 months in I can see what an amazing change it has had on my life! 10/10 would always recommend"
Zoe India
"During and over the pandemic I have become aware of my anxiety and have realised this has been something ongoing from a young age. I just hadn't realised until the world stopped. The Hypnotherapy Hut has been able to help and support/provide me with ways to cope when I am feeling anxious about anything in my life. Now I understand more about the way my brain works and the ways in which I can reduce my anxiety in certain situations I now feel I can go about my day to day life feeling in control. After my sessions I honestly felt myself again and it was an amazing feeling. My friends and family have noticed such a difference in me and happy I am back. I felt supported every step of the way and would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you again."
Emily Patterson
"Emerald is absolutely amazing. She worked her magic through a tough time for me and helped me find myself again x"
Bethany Mottershead
"Online sessions with the Hypnotherapy Hut have helped me to positively change aspects of my life that I had struggled with for decades. I had decided to strart with something smaller than my "main" concern, that I wanted to improve and together inadvertently (on my end at least) we actually achieved drastic positive changes to OCD and anxiety . The service is very accessible and supportive, with wellbeing skills being developed that will remain with you for life."
Leown Botten
"Very good service! Emerald is very knowledgeable and professional and knew the answers to all my questions and what I needed in the moment. Thank you! I have learnt a lot 😊"