Mastering your Peri-Menopause

“I don’t recognise myself anymore”


This is something I hear time and time again from my peri-menopausal clients.

Symptoms of their Peri-Menopause has led to strained relationships with their children, partner and work colleagues. Their usual upbeat, pro-active nature has disappeared and left them feeling weepy, anxious and lacking motivation.

I’m guessing if you’ve thought that peri-menopause is to blame, you’ve read up on all the weird and wonderful signs and symptoms that you can experience. From hot flushes and vaginal dryness to severe anxiety and sleepless nights. But what often doesn’t get mentioned is the knock-on effect all these things can have on life, and how we cope with it.

The Science

What’s happening?

As our body goes through significant hormonal changes, these can create peaks and troughs in our oestrogen and progesterone levels. This can greatly affect our mood and cause physical symptoms. If we get stressed or frustrated by this, we also add the stress hormone cortisol into the mix – and this is where things can escalate.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is an empowering but gentle way of really reducing cortisol. Coupled with Psychotherapy which gives you an understanding and a grounding to work from, you can learn how to keep your hormones as balanced as possible during this transition into Menopause and beyond.

Using Hypnotherapy, is an opportunity to re-discover you, or maybe even feel better than before. Peri-Menopause is different for everybody, but it doesn’t need to be something that comes between you living YOUR life the way you want to.

I KNOW your relationships are the most important thing to you.

I KNOW you want to remain your professional self at work.

I can give you the tools to know how to keep in balance and regain control.

I can help you be your best self x

Hear what Mrs Allen had to say about her experience of using Hypnotherapy.

“I was hoping to be in control of myself and therefore increase my personal and professional happiness. To move forward from a professional trauma (possibly PTSD) and have much stronger levels of resilience. To sleep better and eat less and regain my positive attitude and enthusiasm towards life. To find inner peace. To be able to relax and impose my own healthy boundaries.

Hypnotherapy gave me much more than I had hoped for /even envisaged. In fact, it felt/ feels life changing and highlighted that I had gone as far as counselling could have taken me but really needed this form of hypnotherapy treatment to get through and past some sad events in life. I had been in a dark place and was so pleased to get to a happiness level of 10. It helped me understand my brain and where negativity breeds. It also importantly returned the “brightness” of life and living and coping. The trance work made time for relaxing and a focus on imagination, life and happiness away from the routine of guilt and fear I was trapped in.”

How I can support you

Mastering My Menopause Membership

£27 a month
Transition through your Peri-Menopause with ease

You can be as involved or independent with this perfect membership package. You can use the resources in our own time, at your own pace, and join in live hypnotherapy offerings anonymously or watch the replays. Not everyone wants to share their experience with their Peri-menopause, and that’s ok, but the growing community is there if you want to get to know others in the same boat. Not only is there live Hypnotherapy support and Q and A time with me personally, there are an array of hypnotherapy tracks to utilise to help bring your hormones into harmony. Working with your subconscious for greater impact, this is a toolkit you can tailor to your individual needs.

Here you get to take control of your peri-menopause journey by practising self care, re-balancing your hormones and prioritising your mental health and wellness. For less than the cost of a takeaway a month you have access to an array of wonderful supportive resources that utilise the power of hypnotherapy and create change for you in an easy, independent way.  The hypnotherapy downloads are specifically created to offer a broad range of support that you may need through this phase of your life, so you can tap into whatever is relevant at the time.  Need something that’s not in the toolkit? Drop me a line and I may just be able to include it as the monthly bonus track!

Not only that, you get to chime in with me personally once a month, for a live Hypnotherapy relaxation and Q and A session so I can answer any burning questions you have as you use this powerful kit, with me placing my focus on reducing stress hormone production so we can calm the oestrogen and progesterone changes that are happening – in turn calming problematic symptoms for you. All sessions are recorded so if you’re busy, you can watch them back with the replays being available for the duration of each month. We’ve got you covered!

I know that women can feel really alone during this time in their life. The side effects of our hormones changing can really take us by surprise, and sometimes to the point where we don’t even recognise it’s hormonal. When I first started, I actually thought I was getting early onset Alzheimer’s – the brain fog and memory recall was so bad! I know I’m not alone in that thinking!

Essentially, if you’re 40+ (some women may be younger), and are feeling real fluctuations of mood/anxiety that seem cyclical, this may be the issue, and it can take up to 10 years to go through it, so reach out, this is your support package.

This is an invitation to regain your control, over how you feel, what you can achieve and how you function in your day to day life.

Everything is possible, when you know how.

Here’s what you get:

  • A series of Hypnotherapy tracks to use as a personal toolkit to aid change.
  • A monthly Live Zoom Session on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 12.30pm to include:
    • Hypnotherapy Relaxation (replay available)
    • Q and A (questions can be sent in prior and then watched on the replay)
  • Monthly Musings Newsletter – for all the added value of learning how to best support your wellness.
  • Bonus Hypnotherapy Track each month.
  • Be in my ‘Go to’ space to hear about any one to one availability I have, or bonus learning. They will be offered here first.

Ready to get back to being you? There are two ways you can pay. Monthly by direct debit, or save some pennies and go for the annual fee.

Monthly  £27

Annual   £277 (saving £47)

One to One Packages

Rebalance with Me
From £1250
3, 6 or 12 month Packages are available – Limited Spaces
The personalised journey to feeling like you again.

Want my undivided attention, support and guidance? You’ve got it. My one to one packages are personalised for you, with appropriate hypnotherapy tracks to meet your individual needs, and weekly sessions to really focus on that habit forming – creating new responses, reactions and behaviours that feel more aligned with the YOU inside. We get to work with your subconscious in a tailored way so that change is focused on what’s important to you, giving you more autonomy and a sense of control.

Clients come to me with peri-menopausal symptoms that are impacting their life, but what we actually work on is EVERYTHING. You can’t get happier just at work, because you’ll automatically get happier at home, with friends, and family too. You won’t just get more motivated at the gym, because you’ll find you feel more motivated in every area. These changes will ripple into everything. We get to be holistic, and all encompassing. You get to feel brand new.

Our packages are tailored, and so is creating the right plan for you. To discover what length of package is advised for you, please book a New Beginnings Session – because it’s always best to start at the very beginning! This gives us a chance to deep dive into what you’d like to use Hypnotherapy for, and for me to explain the science behind it all, in relation to your issues. We lay the foundations. And all good houses are built on firm foundations.

Here’s what working one to one gets you:

3, 6 or 12 month Packages are available – Limited Spaces

  • You get my undivided attention, helping you focus on your goals and issues, with weekly sessions.
  • Packages are bespoke, personalised to you and your journey.
  • Downloadable hypnotherapy tracks specifically created to support your transformation.
  • Online via zoom or face to face at my clinic in Sowerby Bridge.
  • 3 Months Free subscription to the Wonderful Wellness Membership Programme at the end of your package for wrap around support.

Reclaim yourself and book your New Beginnings Session to start your journey with me..

Packages can be paid in instalments at no extra charge. Want to settle in full? You’ll be ungraded to 6 months wrap around membership support towards the end of your package.

Not sure what's best?

Book a free discovery call and I’ll guide you to what you need.