Fertility and Pregnancy Support.

Struggling to find a way to remain positive while trying to conceive?

Feeling like it’s never going to happen (but it does for everyone else)?

The sense of dread when it’s another negative test, or you start your period?

I get it.

Not to mention the obsessional round the clock thinking about ovulation, every twinge you have being some kind of sign, and wondering how you’re going to keep affording buying all the pregnancy tests you just have to have!  It’s never ending, and so relationships can start to fray and sex becomes an organised chore.

This is what my fertility and pregnancy support clients all come to me with. And something I have personal experience with.

I have experienced all of the above, having had 4 miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. I have miscarried in my twenties, my thirties and forties. Considered as primary infertility and then secondary infertility. I have been labelled as a geriatric mother when being treated. None of these terms helped, all added pressure to get it right, and honestly, there’s just not enough help out there, rarely any answers and just advised to try again.

Women like a sense of control. This is where I can help..

What can make it difficult to conceive or carry to term?

Something that starts as a wonderful exciting journey can turn very stressful very quickly. Every month, a cruel reminder it’s not going the way you wanted it to.

And herein lies the problem.

That rising panic creates stress hormones that can directly throw your natural cycle of hormones out of balance.

Did you know.. the stress hormone Cortisol physically needs Progesterone to be made? You need progesterone to adequately line your womb to support a pregnancy. This is called ‘The Progesterone Steal’.

So you can see the problem right?

If the stress/worry anxiety we feel and experience in our body is stealing the progesterone we need to line our womb and support a pregnancy, we stay in a catch 22 cycle. We need to reduce the stress, but I appreciate this is easier said than done.

So how can I help?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy provides a non-invasive, supportive and gentle way of reducing your stress hormones. Your body and mind can get back to feeling aligned and balanced, ready for conceiving and growing your baby to term. Literally allowing carefully chosen words to flow over you, whilst you’re in a lovely relaxed state, can greatly affect how you feel, how you view things, and how your hormones then balance because we are working with the powerhouse that is your SUBCONSCIOUS. It gets to be easy, it’s gentle and effective and can be used independently or alongside other interventions such as IVF.

What is amazing, is that studies* show hypnotherapy can increase the success of IVF by 50%. For those using hypnotherapy, with no underlying medical issue, it can increase success by up to 65%! These are wonderful odds, and can give a real sense of hope to couples.

If you need help to get back to this place of wonder I can absolutely help x

Studies concluding these statistics are reported in the following journals:

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How I can support you

Fertility and Pregnancy Support Membership

£27 a month
Supporting you through pre-conception, conception, pregnancy and birth.

This is the space where you have all the resources you could need to get your mind and body aligned to best support growing your family. I am available for monthly check ins, actively reducing your stress levels through live Hypnotherapy Sessions as well as answering any burning questions you may have about your journey and this process. The toolkit of tracks to listen to daily are designed to support whichever stage you are at so that this space can be your one stop shop for your wellbeing throughout this special journey of creating life.

Our Fertility and Pregnancy Membership space is quite special, because it’s there to support you at EVERY stage of your wonderful journey. Whether your wanting to join to ensure you’re in the best place possible before attempting to grow your family, or whether it’s just not happening for you the resources are specially crafted to increase your chances of success. This toolkit is especially useful to those who have experienced losses as it can be hard to process that loss, let alone be in the best headspace to try again – the tracks and the personal live sessions support your journey.

You get to be as visible as you want in this membership space, live sessions can be attended anonymously if preferred, played back at a time to suit you, or you can join in and get to know the growing supportive community.  I want you to feel empowered and excited throughout, you get to allow yourself to trust in the process, in your body and your mind, that everything will come together in just the right way. All resources are geared towards you enjoying this experience and I’m here to guide you as you go.

  • A series of Hypnotherapy tracks to use as a personal toolkit to aid change.
  • A monthly Live Zoom Session on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 12.30pm to include:
    • Hypnotherapy Relaxation (replay available)
    • Q and A (questions can be sent in prior and then watched on the replay)
  • Monthly Musings Newsletter – for all the added value of learning how to best support your wellness.
  • Bonus Hypnotherapy Track each month.
  • Be in my ‘Go to’ space to hear about any one to one availability I have, or bonus learning. They will be offered here first.

Ready to feel in control of growing your family? There are two ways you can pay. Monthly by direct debit, or save some pennies and go for the annual fee.

Monthly  £27

Annual   £277 (saving £47)

One to One Packages

Flourish with Me
From £1250
3, 6 or 12 month Packages are available – Limited Spaces
The personalised journey to enjoy growing your family.

Want to flourish but want someone to help you get there. No problem. Growing a family can be daunting, and if you’ve had difficult experiences in this area quite often we have mental blocks that can be hard to overcome. Will I miscarry again? Will I ever get a positive test result? Will there be a heartbeat? I know how painful all of these questions are, and actually trying to not think them can be near on impossible. I can work closely with you to help you overcome these doubts, move forwards despite any trauma, and feel positive about the future.

Our one to one packages are tailored to you and your needs. In order to consider what length of package may be right for you, I need a bigger picture of where you’re at, because the package needs to be built specifically for you. In order to do that, we book a New Beginnings Session so we can go through where you’ve been, where you want to get to, and then we look at how we can achieve that as I explain exactly how our body and mind align, and why they often don’t. Everyone is different, which is why every package is different, it’s also very flexible, because it needs to be. My sessions with you will alter depending on where you are in your cycle, where you are mentally, and what you best need from me in that moment. It gets to be fluid, so I’m always meeting you wherever you’re at.

Our brain is wired to learn from mistakes, and then avoid them. That can be very tricky if you’ve had a difficult previous birth, or we get upset each month when pregnancy doesn’t happen. Our brain wants to keep us safe and one way of doing so is to avoid the same experience. Even though we may be trying to get pregnant, if there’s a part of you that’s worried about what will happen when/if you do, the body can release hormones to sabotage success. Hypnotherapy works wonders with overcoming mental blocks so that the body and mind can be aligned with the same message that falling pregnant is safe to do, and something that’s wanted. Working with the subconscious we can rewrite patterns of thought/worry and look at ways to reduce stress so that hormones work for you, and not against you.

With working one to one, I will guide you each week with what is relevant and appropriate for you personally, working around your ovulation if you’re actively trying, your IVF harvest, egg implantation or at keys stages of pregnancy. I can take the guesswork out of the experience and just let you get on with enjoying the journey, because it gets to feel special.

So what’s included?

  • You get my undivided attention, helping you relax and let nature take it’s course, with weekly sessions.
  • Packages are bespoke, personalised to you and your journey.
  • Downloadable hypnotherapy tracks appropriate to support success.
  • Online via zoom or face to face at my clinic in Sowerby Bridge.
  • 3 Months Free subscription to a Membership Programme of your choosing for wrap around support.

Flourish with me and book your New Beginnings Session to start your journey..

Packages can be paid in instalments at no extra charge. Prefer to settle in full? You’ll be ungraded to 6 months wrap around membership support towards the end of your package.

Not sure what's best?

Book a free discovery call and I’ll guide you to what you need.