Sleep Disorders

It is said that adults require 8 hours of unbroken sleep in order to feel mentally healthy, with children, teenagers, and babies requiring more depending on their age.  When sleep is interrupted, or difficult to come by, this can affect your mood, ability to concentrate and capacity to cope.  This can have a knock on affect on your relationships, working life as well as day to day activities.

Unfortunately when we are sleep deprived, for whatever reason, it becomes harder and harder to do something about it.  That’s because our mind is now in a vicious cycle.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy offers valuable insight and techniques to enable you to break that habit, allowing you to move forward with how you want your life to be, including having your sleep back under control.

Why not book an Initial Consultation and reclaim your sleep? You could be back sleeping 8 hours a night within a matter of weeks.

Sleep Disorders

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