Phobias & Fears

Many people suffer from a phobia of some kind, whether it be spiders, snakes, heights or lifts and it literally just means you have an irrational fear to something.  You may even be able to logically confirm that you know you don’t need to be scared of that ‘something’ but your body has other ideas!

There are many ways we naturally deal with phobia’s, the most common being pure avoidance. This deals with it nicely, and is not so much of a problem if it just means avoiding visiting the snake and reptile house at the zoo, but when it’s a fear that we are faced with regularly, avoiding it becomes tricky, and this is where a phobia can escalate and cause problems.

If you’d like to conquer your fears, especially if your phobia is starting to alter how you live your life then Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can definitely help – sometimes in as little as four sessions.

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Phobias & Fears

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