Anxiety / Stress / Worry

Everyone is affected by anxiety, stress or worry, and a little is not a bad thing, but most people at some point in their life will experience this getting out of control.

There are many things that can trigger this, an experience, a moment, or sometimes it is just the sheer amount of stress you are under that can allow it to start being a problem.

For some, feeling anxious can mean panic, palpitations and a fear of carrying out tasks.  For others it may mean that they struggle to fall asleep, often waking in the night or having insomnia. It could be that you have no physical symptoms, you just have a feeling that something isn’t quite right and you are not your usual self.  We are all different and so our bodies and minds deal with things in different ways. There is no right or wrong.

Whatever is going on for you, The Hypnotherapy Hut can help you feel more on track, calmer and in control of your life. Book an Initial Consultation today, or call for an informal chat.

Anxiety / Stress / Worry

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