"Started having sessions with Emerald due to years of anxiety, panic attacks and depression. At first, will be honest, thought Hypnotherapy was a thing that was funny on the TV and why would it work for me? But thought I would give it a go. Wow, wow and wow. I feel like a new person. Emerald really explains how your mind works and how to train it when things are feeling bad. I just love the trance session at the end, which is so relaxing and never want it to end. Feel like a new woman. Can't recommend enough. Thanks Emerald x!"
Helene, Halifax
Nov, 2021
"A few months ago I had 12 hypnotherapy sessions with Emerald, initially to help me with anxiety over a number of issues, but also to help me sleep better. Not only has she helped me overcome this anxiety during our sessions, I now have the tools to manage it myself if the need arises (which it hasn't so far!). She also introduced some help with weight management towards the end of the treatment which has helped me lose weight and maintain it. I would highly recommend Emerald. She put me at ease very quickly with her calming voice and she's extremely kind. I still can't quite believe the change in myself and my reaction to certain situations since having the treatment!"
Ruth, Halifax
July 2021
"Just a quick update, it's been a week since our session and I've not used my vape once .. just wanted to say a great big thankyou 🙏 it's not been easy but it's getting easier every day. Good luck and congrats on your qualification. Probably be booking in for weight management soon 🤣🙈."
Ruth, Halifax
June 2021
"I found your explanation of how the brain works so fascinating and immediately a lot of things that I have struggled with fell into place. I also learned that it is important to think positively and to make repetition so that it becomes a way of life and you start to see things in a more positive light. I am already seeing results by thinking positively and this is after only 6 sessions. My sleeping has improved and I am trying to harness the more positive side of my brain and look forward to sleeping through in the next few weeks. I would definitely see you again."
Liz, Halifax
May 2021
"Absolutely thrilled with my progress after completing a course of Hypnotherapy sessions with Emerald. Having the knowledge and the tools in place to get through life's difficult challenges and long ingrained fears has been so beneficial to me, its really made such a positive impact on my life. Could not recommend it more. Thank you Emerald."
Melissa, London
May 2021
"Emerald is wonderful! She is everything you would want in a Hypnotherapist. I was a little dubious at first as to whether it would work but now only 2 months in I can see what an amazing change it has had on my life! 10/10 would always recommend"
Zoe, London
May 2021
"Online sessions with the Hypnotherapy Hut have helped me to positively change aspects of my life that I had struggled with for decades. I had decided to strart with something smaller than my "main" concern, that I wanted to improve and together inadvertently (on my end at least) we actually achieved drastic positive changes to OCD and anxiety . The service is very accessible and supportive, with wellbeing skills being developed that will remain with you for life."
Leown, Chichester
May 2021
"Just to say thank you so much for my course of sessions – I truly found them a huge help, and they definitely made a difference in terms of my focus, mindset and general outlook during what was a pretty rubbish time. I found the theory overviews very interesting, and helpful in terms of understanding why I was reacting to situations the way I had been. I really enjoyed thinking about the ‘what was good today’ positive interactions, as this concentrated my mind on the good / uplifting things I had achieved and helped me to realise that I was actually making positive steps, even if I might not have recognised that at first. Outside of the sessions, it made me stop to think about things more, and take a mental note of “this is a positive interaction that I can tell Emerald about”. I absolutely would use your services again!."
Heidi, Leeds
April 2021
"Only one word I can say is "MAGIC" After my life long fear of spiders Emerald only needed 4 sessions via zoom (due to Covid) to re-programme my brain. I've now gone from running away from spiders, avoiding films/pictures even cartoons to not bothering if I see one. There was 2 spiders in my office at work and they never bothered me. Even my sceptical Husband has noticed a huge difference in me. Emerald has a very calming soothing approach, she'll make sure that you fully understand the process and guide you 100% of the way. At the end of each session I felt relaxed, and more confident. Emerald really does have a special gift and' I'd encourage anyone needing help with phobia's to let Emerald work her magic on you."
Claire, Halifax
March 2021